ForgeServe ACQUIRE

  • Logistics Engine

    A complete solution for product order builder delivered through the FS-ACQUIRE module offers service providers and resellers an opportunity to tap into a robust and scalable solution for fully or partially automating product ordering with the multi-tier shopping cart, perfect for differentiation in the competitive UC space.

    The one-of-a-kind cradle-to-grave system delivered by ForgeServe demonstrates a disruptive approach to automatic, zero-touch ordering, provisioning and asset management, intended to contribute to reseller success. With the ForgeServe system, resellers can access a bigger portion of the UC endpoint market. For those who wish to expand on their services with an end-to-end logistics system, the ForgeServe Logistics Engine is available for order building and management.

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    End-to-End Management

    The ForgeServe Logistics Engine powers the “order builder” feature which allows each level of management to assess the products they have for sale. The order building application can integrate seamlessly with third-party software and existing networks so that resellers can deliver a customised IP solution.

    Sellers can simply enter the data required into the Logistics Engine, and once an order has been placed, the application will automatically send it through to the provisioning engine. This ensures that service providers, resellers, and distributors have access to end-to-end order fulfilment and lifecycle management support.

  • Fast and Effective Customer Service

    Designed for simplicity and reliability, the ForgeServe Logistics Engine makes selling simple for companies in the IP communications industry. Order details can be generated and automatically transferred to the reseller to ensure quick responses to customers. There’s also the opportunity for a one-button ordering feature to pass an order from the reseller to the distributor. Enabling a fully automated customer, reseller and distributor ordering process, seamlessly integrated into the single user experience for speed and accuracy.

    In an environment where customer experience is more important than ever, the ForgeServe system integrates easily with existing systems and supports quick, stress-free purchases for clients and customers.

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    Unique Order-Building Capabilities

    The order building feature in ForgeServe’s logistics engine captures all relevant data from the order, including the type of technology purchased, the price, and the IP site. The system can be used at any stage of the selling process, providing a single-pane-of-glass insight into the distribution process, and offering opportunities for manual or automatic order approvals.

    ForgeServe delivers new value to distributors and resellers with multi-tier shopping cart facilities, alongside the opportunity to customise the order-building experience. Product descriptions and pricing information can be uploaded into the system to ensure accuracy.

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