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Nimans have announced their IP endpoint support service, Compendium, will now be powered by ForgeServe

The UK’s largest distributor of unified communications and data equipment, Nimans, have announced that their premier IP Endpoint Support Service, Compendium, will now be powered by ForgeServe.

Compendium has been developed in conjunction with Nimans‘s technology partners Polycom and Yealink and creates a holistic offering to support their customer and partner base during the full lifecycle of IP devices. Consisting of several facets, Compendium, offers customers various enhancing services including training, buyback services, bonded storage, advanced replacement and extended warranties.

ForgeServe, developed by Swoop Datacom, has been utilised behind the scenes by Compendium to provide real-time change control and zero touch device management to IP devices. ForgeServe is one of the global leaders in IP device management and provisioning software. The platform is utilised by around the globe by providers looking to enhance their ability to radically transform the process of IP endpoint delivery and maintenance.

John Bennett, CEO of Swoop Datacom, spoke about their partnership with Nimans to power Compendium.

“We have worked in partnership with Nimans on Compendium for over two years. Now that ForgeServe is established globally within the industry we are publicising our work with Nimans as we are all incredibly proud of the benefits that Compendium Powered by ForgeServe can bring to providers here in the UK.”

As the largest UK distributor of telecommunications equipment, Nimans, have a vast base of loyal customers and Compendium has been utilised by huge numbers of those during IP device deployments. The industry as whole are looking for solutions that can improve efficiency and service quality whilst also reducing the traditional overheads associated with delivery and management. Compendium Powered by ForgeServe can engender exactly that.

Ian Brindle is Head of Conferencing and Handset Sales at Nimans. Ian explains how the relationship and collaboration between Compendium and ForgeServe has developed.

“Early on we saw the value that the features of ForgeServe could provide and so we enhanced that by adding some of the other products and services we can provide into a package like Compendium. The provisioning and estate management piece of that package, provided by ForegServe, was really pivotal. Now that ForgeServe has such a valued place in the market we can reflect that in the new branding.”

The partnership between Swoop Datacom and Nimans wasn’t just based on the features that ForgeServe provided initially. During the partnership Nimans and Swoop Datacom listened to feedback from customers and have continued to enhance and develop the service adding new features and functions requested by the partner community. This evolution of the product set has resulted in, Compendium Powered by ForgeServe, becoming one of the most valuable service packages available within the industry.

“We relayed a lot of feedback to the Swoop Datacom team from a development point of view and they have been brilliant in responding to those requests. Every major customer we took this to had their own wish list, can it do A, B, C etc? The team have always reacted to that and been able to add features into the proposition. The core product was great but during the partnership there has been a lot of development outside of that which has made it an even stronger offering.”

Many of the device management features now offered by ForgeServe are a direct result of the development work conducted in collaboration with Compendium. Remote access to the web UI of particular IP devices was a revolutionary stage of ForgeServe’s development and originally stemmed from a request from one of Niman’s Compendium customers.

Another major benefit of the ForegServe platform, which made the partnership with Nimans a great fit, was its compatibility with multiple vendors throughout the industry. Nimans distribute a huge number of IP devices from a variety of vendors and the device agnostic approach of ForgeServe allowed them to offer it across their portfolio as part of Compendium.

John is looking forward to the growth that the new Compendium Powered by ForgeServe offering will realise.

“We are always looking to further develop the platform and make it as innovative as possible. Working with Nimans, from a future vision perspective, we are looking to add as many devices as possible from the Nimans portfolio so Compendium Powered by ForgeServe can add as much value to as many customers as possible.”

Source: https://www.uctoday.com/news/industry/nimans-compendium-powered-by-forgeserve/

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