Device Deployment Dream

ForgeServe podcast with UC Today’s Patrick Watson.

In this episode UC Today discuss ForgeServe and its huge benefits with creator Swoop Datacom and their partner Westcon;

Deployment and management of IP devices has been a headache for organisations, resellers and distributors historically. Solutions that can assist with this often time consuming and inefficient process are invaluable. In today’s podcast we hear from Swoop Datacom and Westcon about ForgeServe a solution that can revolutionise device deployments.

Presenter Patrick is joined by John Bennett CEO of Swoop Datacom and Nick Wright who is EMEA Vendor Manager at Westcon.

John gives us a brief history of ForgeServe and explains why SwoopData developed the solution initially and how its now is being used by partners like Westcon to add to their service offering.

We then examine some of the traditional barriers that have historically proved an issue for partners looking to deploy quantities of IP devices, such as geographical location, logistics and engineer resource availability. Nick explains that offering ForgeServe as part of their portfolio at Westcon makes perfect sense and adds value for their resellers.

As well as assisting in deployments, ForgeServe also offers huge benefits once the devices are installed in terms of management. The pod examine some of these benefits and then highlight the best avenues for customer’s to find out more information or see a demonstration of the solution.

Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guests John Bennett and Nick Wright