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ForgeServe Dishes Out Empowerment for Microsoft Resellers

Swoop Datacom is an award-winning vendor solution responsible for ForgeServe, a SaaS strategy that makes managing complex technology easier while giving distributors access to better communication products for their end-customers. ForgeServe has already been a crucial element in the deployment of thousands of Microsoft voice products across a range of devices, and Swoop Datacom recently announced that they would be increasing their focus on Microsoft Support.

According to Swoop Datacom, Microsoft Partners have previously found it difficult to handle the ongoing management of devices within the Microsoft Voice portfolio. However, with the help of ForgeServe, Microsoft channel partners, and their end-users can manage the maintenance and deployment of voice ecosystems with a single pane of glass service panel. The revolutionary solution has already achieved an incredible level of popularity.

Better Management for Microsoft Customers

In today’s communication market, Microsoft has become one of the most powerful solutions for those interested in Unified . Unfortunately, a lack of efficiency in deployment has been holding the company back from a boom in license activations. This is something that may become more problematic in the future, regardless of whether people are continuing to use Skype for Business, Teams, or Office 365.

ForgeServe is all about simplifying the complexity of moving into a SIP network with the Microsoft roadmap. According to Swoop Datacom, the system helps to bring software and hardware in the average business environment together more seamlessly, so that it can work within any company as a proprietary product – empowering Microsoft partners with ongoing solutions for rapid deployment and lifecycle management.

Groups like Westcon-Comstor have noted their appreciation of the SaaS strategy already. In fact, Philippe Carlier, Global Supply Chain Services Director at Westcon-Comstor, released a statement suggesting that the brand is impressed by the speed and efficiency that ForgeServe delivers to deployment markets.

A Single Pane of Glass Solution

Just because today’s customers want more complicated solutions for communications from their vendors and partners, doesn’t mean that deployment should be a difficult experience. The single pane of glass option provided by ForgeServe is designed to improve efficiency and empower Microsoft partners wherever their future with the brand might go.

Because ForgeServe is a SaaS product based in the cloud, it has complete freedom when it comes to scalability, and it can easily deploy on an almost infinite number of devices. What’s more, each device can be remotely managed by the service, while call control features are handled by the Microsoft platform.

ForgeServe by Swoop Datacom includes features like remote access to any device from the cloud, factory reset, and remote reboot, making it the ideal product for Microsoft partners who need to expand their horizons, while simultaneously reducing OPEX expenses in the management of voice systems.

The service is currently available through several value-added distributors and can be purchased with any Yealink, Polycom, or AudioCodes Microsoft 3PIP supported device. It’s also available globally with Westcon-Comstor.