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Swoop Datacom Extends Device Support with Addition of SNOM IP Devices

Swoop Datacom Ltd an industry leader in telephony based IoT services and software development, today announced support for SNOM IP Phones in their ForgeServe, device provisioning and life-cycle management solution.

“Our aim is the be able to offer resellers and service providers  a single solution for provisioning and support enabling zero touch provisioning and maximum efficiency for device management in a multi vendor solution. This means it is important that we can provide a common interface template for users with support for vendor specific features. “explained John Bennett CEO of Swoop Datacom Ltd,

“Our aim is to provide support for all the key IP phone vendors in the market. Initially we launched support for Polycom and Yealink devices, SNOM was the natural next range to support and we are planning further vendor releases.” added Bennett.

“Growing and maintaining your customer base is critical to SNOM’s many SCE partners and ForgeServe allows every reseller or service provider to operate life cycle management and perform as a top provisioning expert, with a clear view of the endpoint eco-system as well as tools delivering efficient and productive results,” said Olivier Gerling, CSO SNOM Technology AG.

“That is why  I am convinced that ForgeServe will help our service providers and resellers to adopt and support SNOM telephones and grow their business” added Gerling.

SNOM is a leading brand of professional and enterprise VoIP telephones particularly aimed at trained and certified professional IT and PBX installer. SNOM products are sold through distributors to over 25,000 SNOM Value Added Resellers across the world.

ForgeServe is a unique and powerful solution that has been engineered specifically to provide resellers and service providers with a robust, capable solution for provisioning and managing IP devices such as voice end points, video equipment and ATA’s.

About SNOM Technology AG
Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Berlin Germany, SNOM is a German multinational corporation and the world’s first and leading brand of professional and enterprise VoIP telephones. SNOM’s German engineering is globally renowned for robust, high quality and feature-rich business telephones that are designed exclusively for the trained and certified professional IT and PBX installer. All of SNOM’s products are universally compatible with leading PBX platforms operating under the SIP standard with over 4 million end-point installations globally. SNOM products are sold through distributors to over 25,000 SNOM Value Added Resellers across the world.

About Swoop Datacom Ltd
Swoop Datacom are the developers of ForgeServe, the award winning, multi-tier, vendor agnostic device provisioning and life-cycle management platform. The cloud based SaaS simplifies complex technology and processes whilst unlocking best of breed solutions. Empowering voice eco-system distributors and resellers with a toolbox of deployment, maintenance and support features giving vendors a clear edge over their competition.

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